Saturday, May 14, 2011

50 Picks Daily is letting you choose your own giveaway!

If you are 10 years and older, you can choose any one of the seven (7) picks by 50 Picks Daily!

Giveaways to choose from:
  1. Kaijin Dokugan by Blobpus
  2. Captivating and Magical Sugar Plum Fairy by Classic Keepsakes
  3. Recipe Text : Recycled China Wine Bottle Stopper by The Broken Plate
  4. Salmagundi - Vintage Opal Glass Art Nouveau Gypsy Earrings by Rose of the Mire
  5. Bean Bunny : Needle Felted Bunny by MyPinkSugarLife
  6. Steampunk Bunny Rabbit Robot Pin by FreeHeart1
  7. Amigurumi Cupcake Bunny Doll by Out Of The Frame
Check out the giveaway page here:

 This one of a kind Pickety Pick Giveaway is until 30 June only!

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